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Speech and Language Therapy

Child Playing

Session durations:

  • 60 minutes (50 minutes therapy + 10 minutes prep and documentation). Fee: $150

  • 30 minutes (25 minutes therapy + 5 minutes prep and documentation). Fee: $90

Speech and language therapy sessions will be tailored to help your child meet their goals. Sessions may include intervention focused on speech sounds, using and understanding language, AAC, voice, stuttering, social skills, literacy skills, play skills etc. and may involve the SLP working directly with your child or indirectly through caregiver coaching. Homework will be provided to help carryover gains made in therapy into the child's day to day life.

Speech therapy activities will be play based for younger children and include tabletop activities for older children. Please feel free to share your child's interests to help the SLP prepare engaging sessions for your child.

Saplings Speech and Language Therapy believes in providing intervention that will help build confidence and develop functional communication skills, and that is respectful of the child, following neurodiversity affirming principles. 

All sessions are available online, in our clinic, and in your home (depending on availability and your location)..

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