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Initial Consultation

Mom And Baby Playing Together With Toys

Session duration: 40-50 minutes

Session fee: $140

The initial consultation meeting is a 40-50 minute session where we will get to know each other. I will ask some questions about your child's history, current areas of need, and you desired goals for therapy. I will also spend some time watching your child interact with you, and will spend some time playing and talking with your child to get an idea of how to best support their communication goals. 

Please bring copies of any relevant reports that you have pertaining to your child's development that you would like to share to this appointment. 

At the end of the appointment we will make a plan going forward. This may be scheduling a speech and language assessment, setting goals for therapy, or discussing referrals to other agencies as appropriate. If you know that you will want an assessment, you can skip this session and book the assessment now by clicking here

All sessions are available online, in our clinic, or in your home (depending on availability and your location).

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