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Initial consultation - $140

Speech and Language Therapy

  • 60 minute session (50 min therapy + 10 min documentation and prep) - $140

  • 30 minute session (25 min therapy + 5 min documentation and prep) - $85


Speech Assessment - $200 (+$70 for report if desired)

Language Assessment - $500 (report included)

Speech and Language Assessment - $650 (report included)

Home visit travel fee - $40


Speech language pathology services are not covered under MSP however many extended health benefits offered by employers have coverage, consult your coverage provider to find out of SLP services are included in your plan.

Funding for SLP services is available through the Variety Children's Charity, please check their website here for eligibility criteria

CKNW Children's Fund also provides funding for SLP services. Please select 'Request for Individual funding' from their website here for my information. 

Jordan's Principle provides funding in support of children who identify as First Nations. Please click here for more information. 

Autism Funding - If your child has a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder and receives Autism Funding you may use this to pay for services at Saplings Speech and Language Therapy. Saplings Speech and Language Therapy is on the RASP service providers list.

At Home Program funding is also accepted at Saplings Speech and Language Therapy 

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