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Speech and Language Assessments

Child at Psychologist

Speech and language assessments give a clear picture of your child's strengths and areas of need and are very helpful in selecting appropriate goals, establishing a baseline before speech therapy begins, and can be used to justify support in an educational setting. A recent speech and language assessment report is a requirement for all children undergoing assessment for Autism Spectrum Disorder in BC. 

Your child's speech and/or language assessment session will be conducted by a registered SLP and will be comprised of the following based on your child's individual need: 

  • An interview with you on your child's history and development 

  • Observation of their interaction and play skills

  • Collection of a speech or language sample

  • Oral motor exam

  • Administration of standardized tests that will be selected based on your child's age and areas of difficulty.

Typically, the assessment is completed in one sitting however adjustments can be made depending on the needs of your child. 

Assessments sessions are available online, in our clinic, or in your home (depending on availability and your location).

All reports will be made available to you within four weeks of the assessment date.

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